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Willkommen zur Kinderwunschklinik Wiesbaden

Dear couple,

Your desire to have your own child has not been fulfilled as yet. Therefore your doctor has referred you to us, and you have decided to come to us. We thank you for your trust.

The desire to have a child of one’s own is something very personal and intimate. When it is not fulfilled, many questions, doubts and fears arise. Even the relationship with one’s partner
can be put to a difficult test. We want to accompany you on the joint road that is ahead of you, giving you as much support as we can.

Our office is entirely specialised in the diagnosis and therapy of involuntary childlessness. We are guided by the very latest scientific insights. Intensive medical research in recent years
has led to the development of many new methods of treting infertility. Therefore we often can even help couples for whom there used to be no help.

Although today modern medicine offers us many possibilities of helping you – we cannot always be successful. Please always keep this in mind in whatever we discuss and decide together.

This brochure is meant to serve as a helpful guide throuhout the treatment of your desire to have a child. We will briefly show you the background of involuntary childlessness and inform you about the latest treatment options as well as their prospects for success and their risks. You will surely also be interested in the time schedule of the treatment and in who pays for it.

We will gladly answer any further questions during a personal visit here in our office.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Martin Schorsch, MD Dr Thomas Hahn, MD
for the team of the Fertility Center Wiesbaden